Monday, November 15, 2010

im back...part 2

favorite fine arts library memories and conversations, with google pictures of random people who resemble the people in the story:

man: hi, id like to put some books on reserve for the upcoming Andrew Lloyd  Weber opera tryouts
me: sure, just fill out this form
man: do you like singing?
me: um..not in particular
man: thats a shame..everyone should try out for these things I think
me: do you really mean that?
man: no...not at all.

lady: i wish i could have that organ player performing in my church on sundays
me: organ player?
lady: yeah, the one thats playing right now
me: i dont hear anything, the walls are sound-proof so i cant hear it if its outside
(door opens, no sounds whatsoever)
lady: i really think it would be nice to have it around on sundays

(phone call)

rrrrrrrrrringggg...RIIIIIIIINGGGG (really, it gets louder everytime)

me: hello, fine arts library
caller: hey what time do you guys close tonight?
me: 9 o clock
caller: okay cool
me: okay....
caller: (panicky voice) ill be by at like..i dont know...10..
me: Sir, at 10, were ...CLICK

girl: hey can you help me with the copier?
me: sure.
(she proceeds to use copier, clearly knowing how to do it without help)
girl: okay, go ahead and copy it for me
me: seem like you know what youre doing. now just press the button
girl, stepping away from copier: im kind of afraid of them now
me: afraid..of the copier..?
girl: yeah, my friend told me that he read about somebody on the internet who started developing this thing where you can like...see in the dark and stuff, because the copier light caused damage to his eyes
me: did it like..affect his day vision?
girl: no, that was fine
me: ................
girl: thatd actually be cool to have i guess
me: that story is false in so many ways

last 2 hours of work back

its been awile. All of the stress in the fine arts library has really caught up to me. as youll notice, its a new name for the blog. I figured don quixote wouldnt appreciate my blog being named after him, considering the things I put/will put on here...and hes the one fighting windmills.

here's been the summary of what ive been doing since I last blogged:

wasting money
working at the library
going to class
muse concert
playing pokemon

really significant stuff.

so, since im working right now, ill go ahead and give you an idea of a typical 4 hour day at the library. it really is the most boring/suprising job on the market.

5pm- work shift begins

5:15-5:20- arrive at work

5:21- say hi to my boss/tell him why i am literally never available to cover any other shifts (commonly referred to as lying)

5:25-5:30- wait for him to leave

5:31- fun begins

5:31- put my headphone in, even though i never listen to music on the job (good tactic to have customers avoid you)

5:32- 6:30- open facebook, yahoosports, and channel 131 for the remainder of the shift

6:30-6:45- decide ive worked hard enough for a break, walk to another building to get a coke and some candy, even though we have a machine right outside the room

6:45-7:00- consider doing homework, but decide to do it later (yep, it takes 15 minutes)

7:00-8:00- by this time im feeling another coke, because ive already cashed the other and know ill want another one soon, so go back to the other building, except, talk on the phone outside for like 30 minutes after i get the goods

8:00-8:25- start to make philosophies/theories about why they dont just put all books online and shut down libraries

8:25- begin erasing the browsing history on the library computer. by this time,
theres just dozens of videos, websites, facebook posts, etc. that are completely unacceptable at the University of Oklahoma Fine Arts Library

8:40- flash the 10 minutes left lights 10 minutes early

8:45-8:50- walk around "checking for misplaced books" , but not really, knowing theyre going to have to shelve them in the morning while im sleeping anyway, and knowing theyll forget about it by the time I work again

8:55- library closed. ive lasted 3 hours, 55 minutes, but never conjure the strength to finish the job.

9:00- I 35 northbound, feeling accomplished