Monday, September 20, 2010

Evan 2.0

I just had to post that picture, because it's awesome. And I would love to blow it up to a poster size and throw it on my wall. Anyway...

Step aside, Tosh. It's time for me to post videos that I like and become famous. So here's some videos that I like.

1. OU football intro video. Always.

2. Bud Light Beer Falcon

3. Bud Light Swear Jar

4. Where Amazing Happens

5. Bruins Hockey Rules

6. Only One

7. What I've Done

8. History Will Be Made

Now, for 3 inspirational videos to finish up.

9. Vladimir Konstantinov- 2 videos for you, good sir

10. Free Hugs Campaign

And finally, the best video without a doubt. Most inspirational video I've ever seen.

11. Rick and Dick Hoyt- Father and Son

I'm happy with my layout change, by the way. I hope it is more readable now. Also, if you have time, feel free to feed my fish at the top of the screen. Give one a name if you want. Do whatever.


  1. Couple of things, I love the fish, I may actually visit this blog instead of just watching it in my google reader, just to feed the fish.
    And two, is that picture a joke? Is number 50 a real player or someone's head posted on? Why is he looking the wrong way?!

  2. I'm glad at least one person likes the fish as much as I do.
    And that's funny you bring up #50, because right when I found that picture, it was the very first thing I noticed. I researched. He is in fact a real player and was in the picture. But he is ruining the moment, if he would be looking the other way like everyone else, it would double the value of the picture.